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Track Name: July
In July the sun was high, the world was melting through the sky
Verse 1:
Who am I? sometimes I get a little
Paranoid, tryin to find out
Sun sets, only through the daylight
At night, what does it become?
In July we ran away through hurricanes and tidal waves
Sunburnt smiles & freckled face our heads were filled with outerspace
In July the sun the was high, The world was melting through the sky
We wore laughter in our eyes, everything is, alright
Verse 2:
Who are you? well I can’t explain it
Something more, than I’ve seen before
We are moons on the horizon
You’re a wave, breaking against the shore
ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-da-da
Track Name: Deja vu
Verse 1:
Promised you’d keep all your promises, you made to me
A common mistake to break, you’re gone and I was naïve
Though I believed it’s your fault…well I never lied
except when I lay in your laundry with tears in my eyes
Loved me for a weekday, Left me on a weekend
Don’t know why I pretend
It’s something new
When it hurts it’s always you
Tied me to a bolder, threw me in the deep end
I’m turning blue
When it hurts it’s always you
I get this feeling, deja vu
Verse 2:
Said you wouldn’t be like others, well you’re just the same
A different face, different colors,
Called by different names
I thought we could swim, but you never taught me to float
But I’ve been here before
Drowning once more
Outro x2:
When it hurts
its always you
I get this feeling
I’ve got deja vu
Track Name: Waves
Verse 1:
I, didn’t know, ‘goodbye’ meant ‘hello’
You’d be right there, you’d be right there
And I, didn’t know, when you’d up and go
You’d be right back, you’d be right back
Your mind was the tide, pulling me under
There’s chlorine in my eyes, couldn’t see under the water
Though I have cried, pools of watercolor
These tears have dried, but I still remember your face
When there was waves & waves and waves of you
there was waves & waves & waves & waves of you
& there was waves & waves & waves & waves of you
& there was waves & waves & waves & waves & waves of you
Verse 2:
I didn’t know, couldn’t let it go
You’d be right there, you’d be right there
I didn’t know, when you’re feeling low
You’d be right back, You’d be right back
Track Name: Ghost
Verse 1:
Said you love me,
I love you so, I love you so
Then you let me
Let me go, let me go
Oh you haunt me like a ghost x 2
Verse 2:
Kiss me goodbye
I’ll see you then, I’ll see you then
Oh let’s pretend
Let’s pretend it’s not the end
But these wounds never mend x2
Someone said, you were gonna go
Why’d I get so close?
Babe I should have known
In bed, staring at the phone
Wishing you would call
But you never called me up
Lately I’ve been feeling like a ghost
My eyes were closed
I didn’t see you go
Lately I’ve been feeling like a ghost
Why’d I get so close?
Just to let me go
Verse 3:
Why’d you leave me
In the dark, in the dark?
Why’d you go and break my heart , break my heart
Oh but I love falling apart
But I love falling apart
Track Name: Shoegazer
Verse 1:
Shoegazer, Shoegazer, you’re always staring at your feet
You act like, a stranger, to everyone you meet
You love her, you hate her, you don’t know what it means
Not sure what you want, or who you want to be
When you were naïve and young, staring at the sun,
You’ve been feeling alone, since you turned 21
& the older you grow, the more you come undone
...your life has just begun
Verse 2:
Shoegazer, Shoegazer you’re here, but not all there
Your heads underwater, you left your heart somewhere
Sometimes, it feel like, life is so unfair
Not sure if God’s real, yet you say a prayer,
hope that He still cares

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